Core Aeration

Top five reasons to have Insite core aerate your lawn:
  • Loosens the soil to aid in decomposition of the thatch
  • Adds pathways for water, air, and nutrients to reach the turf roots
  • Allows microbes and small insects to move effectively through the soil
  • Turf roots grow easier and deeper with loose soil
  • Insite provides excellent service 
I have observed the soil and turf soften when I use BioSource Plus natural fertilizer in combination with core aeration. Several things lead to this benefit. Remember that clays used in common fertilizers fill in holes making the ground hard, dry, and airless? There is no clay in BioSource Plus to lead to this problem. In fact, the microbes that break down BioSource Plus become food for other organisms like worms. Worms and insects create holes in the soil that allow water and air down into the soil. The holes also make it easier for roots to grow down into the soil. You may not have many microbes, insects, or worms in the soil if you use common fertilizers. This is where the core aeration comes in.

Core aeration is the process of putting hollow tines into the ground to pull out a small core of soil. These cores are left on top of the turf to break down. The hole that the core was pulled from allows water and air down into the soil. It also gives the soil room to expand with the freeze and thaw action. This produces many more holes and cracks loosening the soil. The loose soil is easy for turf, microbes, and insects to live in. So, the combination of core aeration and BioSource Plus gives you a healthy environment for everything from the microbes in the soil to the fish in the sea.
If you have been spreading your own fertilizer from the local hardware store or hired a lawn care company to do it for you, you will need to have your lawn aerated. Especially if the program is four to six applications per year. That means that clay and oil have been applied to your lawn four to six times a year. How many microbes and insects do you think you have left in your soil? It is time to hire Insite with Bio-Source natural fertilizer and core aerate your lawn this fall.