Lawn Party

Willie Wellington of Insite Lawn Care and Landscaping is proud to offer you a way to party.

Have you been to a Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys, Mary Kay, or any other type of sales party? Some can be pretty fun and others not so fun. They pressure you to buy so that the host can get more at a better discount. They charge large shipping and handling fees. The host has to clean their house. You have to wait for your product to be shipped to the host and then brought to you or you go pick it up (what was the shipping fee for again).

Well, it is time to change all of that. It is time for a LAWN PARTY! A Lawn Party is not only different, it is better. 20% off for everyone - no limits, no house cleaning - we are outside, no shipping and handling fees, the product is available right there - no waiting, and best of all - it is fun.

The average party takes just one hour. Any more time than that and you are really having fun!

So what is a Lawn Party and how does it work. A Lawn Party by Insite is about meeting and greeting your friends and neighbors outside on your lawn to learn about fertilizer and how to apply it properly. 

Willie shows you how to measure your lawn for applications of fertilizer. He will then teach you how to calculate the amount of Bio-Source Plus fertilizer you will need for your lawn. Next, Willie will have you calibrate a broadcast spreader so you know that you are putting down the right amount of Bio-Source Plus fertilizer. Finally, you can purchase Bio-Source fertilizer right there to take home and do it yourself. You can even rent the broadcast spreader that you calibrated that day! 

Willie makes this type of learning fun and you will be excited to go home and do it yourself.

Willie also provides his 'Safe and Sound' program for those of you who would want or need someone else to do the labor. Willie takes care of everything with the Safe and Sound Program. He does the measuring, calculations, applications, and is certified with the State of Iowa to apply fertilizer to turf grasses and ornamental beds. He takes pride in - Doing it Green to Keep it Clean. Willie protects our lawns, waters, and earth from the harms of chemical fertilizers.

If you are ready to host a party or want to attend the next party - give Willie a call now at 515-708-0922.